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The Consistory Degrees (19º - 32º) portray memorable lessons of:

brotherhood, compassion, discipline, dignity, duty, equality,
excellence, faith, good will, justice, love, mercy, moral character,
patriotism, purity, service, spirituality, toleration, and unity in
dramas that range in settings from the time of chivalry through
the 20th Century.


Rex E. Robertson,32°,MSA, Commander in Chief

Jared Davis,32°, 1st Lt. Commander

Christopher A. Lamar,32°, 2nd Lt. Commander

Mark E. Stephens, 32°, MSA, Orator

Vacant, Chancellor



N. William Ashby, 33°

Thomas N. Clark, 33°

Richard H. Schnakenburg, 33°

Sammy King, 33°

Michael W. Turner, 33°

William A. Reiners, 33°

Brian M. Weinbach, 33°

Gene L. Thompson,33°

Mark W. Stephens, 33°

Robert Kloepping, 32°

Max LaMar, Jr., 32°

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