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Scottish Rite torch

In the Lodge of Perfection (4º -14º), the Mason consecrates himself to the Masonic endeavor - character building. He is taught to venerate the virtues of the dead and emulate those of the
living; to respect the rights of others, to strive to render service to his fellow man, to refrain
from assuming prerogatives and powers that are not his, to be not overzealous in a good cause,
to reverance Diety, avoiding disrespect, and to control his tongue by maintaining in his mind
purity of thought. He is taught Perfection is but one of the fundamentals of character. The
other two are Self-respect and Integrity. These lessons learned and applied to life are absolutely essential to a complete character structure.

Eagle bar


Carl L. Whitman, Thrice Potent Master

Walter D. Rosa, Deputy Thrice Potent Master

Daniel R. Mayes, Senior Warden

Karl A. Fark, Junior Warden

Richard Dobbs, Master of Ceremonies


Past Thrice Potent Masters

Frank G. Lutz, 33°

Randall L. Crayner, 33°

James E. Palmer, 33°

Darrell A. Veach, 33°, P.G.M.

Keith R. Kinney, 33°

Chester D. Staples, 33°

Donald G. Colbert, 33°

C. Robert Ellis, 33°

Jerry L. Minto, 33°

Michael A. West, 33°  

Donald W. Shoaff, 33° nominee (resigned)

Eric M. Smith, 32°

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